Hauling Services

Heavy Haul

Direct access to Federal Highway Administration, state permitting and escort services so we can deliver your load on schedule. In house mechanics ensure all our vehicles are operating at peak performance with regular maintenance allowing us to focus on your transport needs. GPS tracked trucks with experienced drivers provide peace of mind.

Open Deck Trucking

Our FLATBED TRAILERS are ideal for transporting the items needed to keep America working. From construction materials, pipes, generators, manufacturing equipment, parts or any oversized heavy cargo you need moved safely from point A to point B. 

Our STEP DECK TRAILERS (aka DROP DECK) trailers are lower to the ground and allow for loads that may be too tall for standard flatbed trucking. Ideal for heavy equipment, lighting, military, agricultural, energy solutions, tractors and more. 

Our RGN (REMOVABLE GOOSENECK) trailers feature a detachable front and lower deck set flat to the round Ideal for heavy cargo, heavy equipment and more. Ideal for excavators, dump trucks, ready mix trucks, skid steers, forestry equipment, DOD/Military and more.

Open Deck Trucking Semi in Cleveland Texas Transporting a Payloader
Time-sensitive transportation via Semi in Cleveland Texas

Time Sensitive Loads

If you have a time sensitive load that absolutely needs to be somewhere fast and reliably, Hauling Professionals, Inc. has the experience, competence, equipment and drivers to make that happen.

Over Dimensional Loads

Hauling Professionals, Inc. can handle loads that exceed the standard size and/or weight limits for a specified portion of road, highway or transport infrastructure. Our experienced team of drivers and the ability to develop custom solutions ensures your over dimensional load arrives safely, on time and in full compliance with all DOT regulations.

Oversize Load Transportation in Cleveland Texas
Custom transporting solution via semi truck in Cleveland Texas

Engineered Solutions

Does your hauling require a custom transport solution? Hauling Professionals, Inc. can engineer a custom solution for your specific needs. With a team of welders, construction engineers and transport specialists, we can build a custom solution to fit your specific needs.

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Looking for turn-key logistical heavy haul transportation for your next project? We offer tailored solutions and customized engineering for superloads.